Hello after a long break and yes to “Social Internet”

Hello!! It was a little quiet around here and I’ll explain why. Around 6 months me and my husband left our home country to start a new life in Canada (the picture is a hint of exactly Where in Canada). And I can tell you that these first 6 months were intense! Moving to a […]

First read book of the year!

Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More by Courtney Carver This was the perfect read to start 2018! Courtney Carver brings her own simplicity views in a calm and loving way. Actually, the book is all about love. There were chapters that brought tears to my eyes because she writes in such […]

A long path into minimalism and a big move

I am going through a big change right now! I will be moving abroad next month (in 23 days to be exact) and I’ve been evaluating my possessions and minimizing since 2015. By then, I just wanted to live more intentionally and get rid of excess stuff. I wanted to travel light, with only a carry-on. I wanted to have a capsule wardrobe […]

What have I been reading? — June 2017 Edition

It’s week 22 of 2017 and I looked back to see what I have been reading this year. Clearly I was hooked by the Outlander series because it’s sooo good! But I read a couple of thought-provoking titles too. Here goes my highlighted titles: The “Read” list since January 2017: I Hate the Internet by Jarett […]

My thoughts about “Dragonfly in Amber” (Outlander #2)

Kindle Edition, Reprint Edition, 754 pages Published October 26th 2004 by Dell (first published July 1st 1992) I read the first book of this series (Outlander) in 2013 and I remember that at the time I have enjoyed many aspects of the story but I’ve thought that the book was longer than it needed to […]