Reading matter(s) of the month: September, 2016

Last month I focused on re-reading the new edition of the productivity classic “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. It’s the method I use since 2012 and recently I decided to implement the system on a new tool: Todoist. So, I felt the need to review the GTD concepts and re-reading the book brought me […]

How a list out of boredom made me want to start writing

So, the idea of starting a blog or online journal sparkled in my head by September, 2012. I was having a very boring day, so I decided to write down a list to shake things up: Start a blog to write things down and organize list(s) and thoughts about life, universe and everything. Reduce time […]

Reading matter(s) of the month: April, 2016

I have set a goal to myself that I would read at least 3 books in the fourth month of 2016 (aka April). And I am happy to have accomplished that :). In fact, I read 4 books! We’ve just gone through 17 weeks of 2016 or, roughly, one-third of the year and I’ve read 18 […]

Reading matter(s) of the month: March, 2016

Okay, third month of 2016, 13 weeks have past us by! March wasn’t a month full of reading for me. I finished reading 2 books, while trying to continue reading “L’île mystérieuse” by Jules Verne but without much success. I kinda gave up this book and chose another French book to read instead (lighter and easier). The “To-Read” […]

Reading plans for September 2013

So, September has arrived in a weird kinda of weather around here (south hemisphere). One morning I wake up and see a beautiful blue sky with mild temperatures that tells me: “spring is coming!” and then the next day it’s a cloudy, windy and cold winter day. Oh, well, let it be!! It’s going to […]